2019 Staff Profile

Principal Mr David Tennant
Deputy Principal Ms Paula Yost
Kindergarten Mrs Rose Fleming Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Kindy Education Assistant
Mrs Maria Russo-Battaglio Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Pre-Primary Miss Tarryn Coad Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Mrs Carina O’Mara Wednesday
PP Education Assistant Mrs Georgina Downey
Year 1   Room 10 Mrs Kim Williams Monday to Friday
Year 2   Room 8 Mrs Justine Andrews Monday to Friday
Room 8 Education Assistant Mrs Liz Hill Tuesday to Thursday
Year 3  Room 2 Mrs Susan Reed Monday to Wednesday
  Mrs Mandy Stark Thursday, Friday
Year 4 / 5 Room 4 Mrs Heather Luckhurst Monday to Friday
Room 4  Education Assistant Mrs Chris Donis Tuesday to Friday
Year 5 / 6  Room 5 Miss Michaela Jones Monday to Friday
Room 5  Education Assistant Ms Lisa Rogers Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Phys Ed Mr Craig Patterson Monday to Friday
Music Mrs Colleen Campione Tuesday and Thursday
Italian Sig Simona Demaio Thursday
Manager Corporate Services Mrs Catherine Van Delft Monday to Friday
School Officer Mrs Ann Harper Thursday
Library Officer Ms Belinda Jarvis Tuesday to Thursday
School Psychologist Mrs Tracy Klonowski Monday
School Chaplain Mrs Gwyn Bishop Monday, Tuesday
Cleaners Mr Ken Crotty
  Ms Sally Vannasopa
Gardener Mr Roger Corica Monday, Wednesday to Friday