Hello and Welcome to the Parents and Carers page of the Takari Website.

Takari P&C is an independent not for profit body associated with Takari Primary School.

The objectives of the association are to promote the interests of Takari Primary School by endeavouring to bring closer co-operation between families and the school body, by providing facilities and amenities for the school.

All the activities of the P&C are discussed and planned at the P&C Term meetings and individual subcommittee meetings. Currently there are 3 subcommittees that report to P&C.

They are:

  • School Banking
  • Fundraising
  • Uniforms – Manager is Michelle Gagg.

The P&C Association is always interested to hear from individuals who would like to contribute to the school community.

For further information please contact
Kelly Praetz (President) on 0417 761 749 or Takaripc@gmail.com

Our Members:

Kelly Praetz (President)

Renee Murdoch (Vice Pres)

Michelle Gagg (Treasurer)

Sandy Furness (Secretary)