Hello and Welcome to the Parents and Carers page of the Takari Website.

Takari P&C is an independent not for profit body associated with Takari Primary School.

The objectives of the association are to promote the interests of Takari Primary School by endeavouring to bring closer co-operation between families and the school body, by providing facilities and amenities for the school.

All the activities of the P&C are discussed and planned at the P&C Term meetings and individual subcommittee meetings. Currently there are 3 subcommittees that report to P&C.

They are:

  •  School Banking
  • Fundraising
  • Uniforms -Manager is Michelle Gagg – runs second hand and deliveries Wednesday morning.  Uniforms

The P&C Association is always interested to hear from individuals who would like to contribute to the school community.

For further information please contact Kelly Praetz (President) on 0417761749 or Takaripc@gmail.com

Our Members:

Kelly Praetz (President)

Vacant ( Vice Pres)

Michelle Gagg ( Treasurer)

Sandy Furness ( Secretary)