Mental Health and Well-being

Aussie Optimism:

The Aussie Optimism Program is a program that runs for 10 weeks and is designed to promote mental health, and prevent depression and anxiety in children and to assist them in meeting the challenges and stresses of life e.g. stressful life events, peer pressure, the move to high school and the changes associated with adolescence. There are four programs for primary school students, each developed to suit the varying cognitive and social emotional abilities of students in primary school.

The four programs for primary schools are:

  • Feelings and Friends for students in year 1 and 2.
  • Feeling and Friends for students in year 3.
  • Positive Thinking Skills for year 4 students.
  • Social Life Skills for students in year 5 and 6.

Each session runs for 1 hour and is facilitated by the class teacher on a weekly basis. All students have their own student booklet which they work from in every session. At the end of the 10 week program, students are encouraged to take these booklets home to show their family and refer to when they are faced with a difficult situation.