Swimming Carnival


The annual Swimming Carnival, for Years 4 to 6 students, is  held in Term 1 at Balcatta Senior High School Pool.

The carnival is in two parts. Tabloids (novelty group activities) before lunch and swimming races in the afternoon. Swimming races are optional with students being asked, prior to the carnival, for their swimming level and races they wish to enter.

Students who wish to race but are not confident will be placed in the side lanes. The three races for each level are freestyle 25m, breastroke 25m and backstroke 25m.


Tabloid Carnival

– 12 stations are located around pool.

– Scorecard is taken around with groups.

– Scaling and results determined at conclusion of carnival.

– Each activity lasts for 3 minutes with 1 minute changeover.

Tabloid Activities

Underwater obstacle – relay swimming through submerged hoop.
Target throw – throw soft ball at inflatable target.
Quoits – students in turn throw at stick held by a team member.
Hop relay – hop, touch marker and back to team.
Under legs relay – senior student stands for each team member in turn to swim under.
Beanbag – beanbag on head, touch marker and return to group.
Diving – for pool discs – one student at a time.
Diving – pool sticks – one student at a time.
Tired swimmer carry – in pairs, pull partner along for a short distance using a baton.
Ball catch in tyre – use an inflatable tyre to be a buoyancy aid. Swap after 3 catches.
Swim with ball relay.
Rope pull relay – use tug of war rope to pull one team member at a time.
Paddle Board Relay – paddle to marker and return.
Tyre relay – swim to marker inside tyre and return to group.
Mattress relay.
Pool pony relay.

Afternoon Program


– 25m in length.

– Two races for each year level.

– Girl and boy races separate.

– Students wear faction coloured swim caps to distinguish themselves.

– Faction relay culminates afternoon session.