Classes from Years 1 to 6 have two music lessons per week with the Music Specialist on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Engaging in musical activities is proven to be beneficial academically, emotionally, physically and socially. Music lessons at Takari aim to involve many different forms of music-making and responding.

General Overview: In all year levels we explore musical elements of beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, dynamics, texture, form and tempo using the skills of singing, listening, moving and playing. This includes composing, improvising, reading, writing and playing music notation.

The addition of larger Djembes to our percussion instruments has allowed us to explore drum circles.


We explore the role of music in our lives and in the wider community. There are many opportunities to perform and to learn audience behaviour in both formal and informal settings, in class and at assemblies.


Takari Primary has two Rock Bands, Year 5 and Year 6, which rehearse before school on Wednesdays. Mr Eddie Parise helps lead and inspire these young musicians, many who have never previously learned an instrument. The bands will perform at school and community events later in the year.


As a part of their Music lessons, students learn a community song that is sung together as a whole school at assembly and special events. This is a highlight of each assembly and the students sing with enthusiasm.


Takari will have a whole school music incursion which will reinforce and enhance concepts learned during the year, inspiring students to expand their music skills. Over the past years we have had high quality performers including Kaboom Percussion, African Drumming, WA Opera Company, Eastwinds (Musica Viva) and Flamingo Strings.

Colleen Campione
Music Specialist, Takari Primary School