Thursdays: Year 1-6


Italian at Takari Primary School


At Takari Primary School, all students from Year One to Year Six learn a second language for 45 minutes each week. The current chosen language at Takari Primary is Italian. The Italian Language Program aims to provide students with learning experiences that enable them to:

  • Develop communication and literacy skills
  • Focus on language as a system
  • Discover the relationship between language and culture
  • Participate in a wide variety of learning experiences as part of an integrated approach as set in Western Australian Curriculum

Lessons in Italian are based on various themes that are covered throughout the year. Students look at a specific theme for a given number of weeks. This year we will be covering a range of themes across the year levels, including:

  • I Saluti (The Greetings)
  • I Colori (The Colours)
  • I Numeri (The Numbers)
  • Il Tempo (The Weather)
  • Le Stagioni (The Seasons)
  • Il Calendario (The Calendar)
  • La Casa (The House)
  • Gli Animali (The Animals)
  • L’Italia (Italy)
  • Lo Sport (The Sport)
  • Il Cibo (The Food)
  • La Famiglia (The Family)
  • I Mezzi di Trasporto (Mode of Transport)
  • Made in Italy
  • Gli Italiani Famosi (Famous Italians)
  • Il Natale (Christmas)

Students learn the Italian language and culture by engaging in an assortment of individual and group activities. This year some of these activities will include:

  • Games
  • Italian songs
  • Role-plays
  • Historical re-enactments
  • Language puzzles
  • Reading comprehensions
  • Listening comprehensions
  • Written tasks
  • ICT activities
  • Research assignments

Special Events:

There will be an Italian Assembly in Term 4 on the 9th of November, to which all parents and friends are invited. A variety of Italian food might also be provided to complement the regular assembly features.

Paolo Sabattini
Italian Specialist, Takari Primary School